Reviews & Testimonials

“I can not say enough amazing things about these products and the person who creates them. I've been using happy belly elixir for the past few months and now I'm a customer for life. Just bought my third bottle in fact. And her face cream makes my face feel like velvet, which during hard Michigan winter is magic on its own. The stress ease elixir Also kicks my insomnias butt, which after 20 years is mind blowing ... One tablespoon and I feel warm and relaxed and I'm out!! I love knowing exactly where the ingredients came from, that it's organic AND!!!! That I'm supporting a woman owned business. If you're on the fence, jump off and go for it. I promise your body will thank you for it. -Emily L.

“The Bee Venom Cream is absolutely amazing!! I saw instant results! My acne and scarring seem to be less red and not so painful. I also noticed that it has helped with my pore size. Overall I HIGHLY recommend!! The packaging was cute and thoughtful too. You can tell the seller puts a lot of love into her products. I can't wait to purchase more :)” -Alexandria M.

”Sonya! I received my order a few days ago and I just wanted to commend and compliment you on how absolutely incredible your products are. Even after a few days, my skin is back to equilibrium and looking beautiful. Your formulas are stunning and you truly know what you’re doing! You’ve found a loyal customer in me, never change!!! 😊” -Kylee D.

“The Coconut Milk & Honey Cleanser is Superb! Can’t believe how soft my skin was after the first use. Felt moisturized like I didn’t need any serum/cream as I usually do. Very subtle nice smell too.” -Colleen J.

“Absolutely love the Silk Mineral Concealer! (And wearing it full face) Perfect coverage. Perfect amount of slide and sheen. Lovely ingredients.....Big fan here. <3 <3 I highly recommend this product and shop. -Rebecca W.

"Love, Love, Love the Glow Serum!! Gives an even tone throughout & somehow does pigment correcting on my acne scars. Also gives an amazing sun kissed glow. Highly recommend!!" -Sam L.

“The Cream Eyeshadow is such a stunning product! Somehow you have found a luscious creamy way to a color without it looking garage! Colorful but subtle at the same time! And in a beautiful frosted glass little jar, as well! – – I’m in love with what I’ve gotten from your company so far :-)” -Hope W.

”The Oats & Manuka Honey Cleanser is soooooo good! Wow. I wish this came in a gallon size.” - Colleen J.


"Received my first order of Rosey Cheeks Blush, Glow Serum & Soul Shine Probiotic Toning Mist and I'm completely WOWed by these products! Returning Customer!!!" -Rebecca N.

”The Brain Food Elixir & Lions Mane Mushroom Tincture have helped with keeping me alert and on track throughout the day! I get distracted pretty easily (air sign) but I truly feel like this has helped calm and collect my thoughts. Listen to her instructions and drink both of these together because the tincture alone isn't for the faint of heart!! Almost ready to order more already :)” -Alexandra W.

“I live in AZ and have worked in the dermatology field for years...protecting your skin from the sun is crucial! I love this bronzer because it gives me a little tan look on my face without the harmful rays!” -Demiana D.

-"My husband makes me a smoothie every morning with my Lion's Mane & Ashwaganda Tinctures & I notice a huge improvement with word recall, cognitive awareness and memory. I feel so much less stress and anxiety too. Can't live without!" -Nicole B.

"The Elderberry Superfood Honey tastes great! After one spoonful, my daughters cold went away:)" -Kate H.

"Sonya is the sweetest human and she makes wonderful medicine from nature. I've always loved honey in tea, but was never big on eating it plain; but with the Elderberry Superfood Honey I've legit devoured a spoonful everyday since I bought it" -Elise P. 

 "The Rose & Sage Face Cream leaves my face feeling very hydrated & soft! Also, highly recommend Sonya's Honey as the Blueberry & Siberian Ginseng tastes amazing. Thanks for all you do!!" -Brittnie B.

"I bought the Brain Food Elixir & Ashwaganda & Lion's Mane Tinctures to switch from capsules and I'm so glad that I did! I feel like my body and mind are in complete equilibrium and I also have extra energy throughout the day. My brain is sharp and on point. Thanks Wildflower Apothecary!" -Julia R.  

“If you haven’t tried the Love Spell Honey yet, do it!!! It works amazing as an aphrodisiac and tastes delicious!” -Steve M.

"I literally don't leave home without the Skin Miracle Mist! Initially, I purchased it to use as a toner to treat my acne, but soon realized that it works to clear up razor burn. It's the only product my husband uses to ease sunburn pain and my sister used it to clear up an infection. The Aloe Moisturizer keeps my face acne free too. Magical stuff!" -Nicole B.

"Honestly, I've tried so many face scrubs and washes and exfoliants.... So many. So much money, but the Oat's & Honey Cleanser is amazing! My face is so smooth, and it's tasty if you get some in your mouth 😋" -Sarah W.