Rose & Sage Cream

Rose & Sage Cream

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This Magical, Organic & Medicinal Rose & Sage Day Cream is made with only the highest quality ingredients and amazing extracts. Lupine Amino Acids provide the skin essential amino acid proteins to support holistic skin health and brighten for a gorgeous natural glow. Phyto-Biotic Agave protects the skin from damage caused by increasingly intense and harmful surroundings. Chamomile & Calendula soothe, soften and balance the skin, while Comfrey Leaf helps to diminishes the appearance of scars. Rosehips are rich in Antioxidants like Vitamin C that provides anti-aging properties, collagen synthesis & help to diminish & prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Rose & Common Sage Hydrosols were distilled by Wildflower Apothecary with care and offer this cream such a beautiful scent and natural soothing properties. Made with Meadowfoam Seed, Rosehip Seed & Apricot Kernel oils with extra pampering from Non-GMO Vitamin E oil to heal and replenish the skin to create and support gorgeous glowing skin! The scent of Bulgarian Rose Otto and Clary Sage Essential Oil uplift and calm the senses to ease you through the day. Such a beautiful cream!

Lupine Amino Acids- Provide the skin essential Amino acid proteins to brighten the skin for a healthy glow.

Phyto-Biotic Agave- Protects the skin against external stressors

Rose Otto- the purest of Rose oils to soothe, calm and provide anti-inflammatory benefits

Chamomile Flower- Soothe, soften and calm the skin.

Calendula Flower- Helps to heal wounds and repair damaged skin. Also, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Comfrey Leaf- diminish the appearance of scars.

Rosehips- May help to treat and reduce fine line and wrinkles in the skin through cell regeneration.

Frankincense Resin- Calms and diminishes the appearance of redness and supports anti-aging.


Organic Ingredients: Rosehip Seed, Meadowfoam Seed & Apricot kernel oils, Calendula & Chamomile CO2, Lupin Amino Acids, Phyto-Biotic Agave, Comfrey Leaf, Sage, Frankincense, Rosehips, Rosemary Antioxidant, Rose Hydrosol, Common Sage Hydrosol, Aloe Vera, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Vitamin E, USDA Certified Organic Preservative, Lactobacillus Probiotics, Rose Otto & Clary Sage Essential Oil.